On Making Light of Celebrity DUI Arrests

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It doesn’t take an expert to identify that Hollywood has a pretty laissez faire attitude to DUI arrests. With DUI lawyers, a ton of money, and talk show appearances to make, it’s pretty easy for celebrities to make light of their DUI arrests. However, a growing number of people are no longer tolerating it.

Last week, Khloe Kardashian jokingly posted her mugshot and Kourtney’s boyfriend’s mugshot on Instagram from their DUI arrests. A few weeks earlier, 90’s heartthrob Jason Priestley appeared on ‘Chelsea Lately’ where the two jovially talked about their mutual DUI arrests with Priestly remarking, “What self-respecting Los Angeleno doesn’t have a DUI under their belt?”

It’s true, a lot of people (not just in Los Angeles) get arrested for a DUI. But is it something to joke around about?

For Jan Withers, the President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), there is nothing amusing about a DUI arrest.

“Drunk driving is a serious crime with serious, life-altering consequences. It is never a laughing matter,” she told FOX411. “It’s very concerning to see celebrities making light of getting a DUI.”

The world exploded with jokes when Justin Bieber got arrested for a DUI. Lindsay Lohan was keen on poking fun at herself during her appearances on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

“When celebrities joke about their crimes, it conveys that this behavior is normal,” stated attorney Larry Bodine. “This is exactly the wrong message to send about DUIs. Celebrities must remember that they are role models. Pretending to be above the law and becoming a public disgrace have become pathetically normal for Hollywood stars.”

Well maybe, just maybe, we’re looking to the wrong people as role models. Sure celebrities drive nice cars and have great skin, but are they really role models? Many of them didn’t even go to college. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. College is a waste of money.)

As someone who blogs for a website titled ‘Celebrity DUI’, I can tell you, celebrities aren’t role models. They get arrested for DUIs, say racist things, and create tacky pieces of entertainment they pretend is art. Our culture places such an emphasis on notable people where we give them these hats they don’t deserve to wear. And that’s worthy of ridicule on sites such as this one.

You know who’s a role model? That sober person who gave you ride home the other night while you were puking out the window. They may not have a verified Twitter account, but they are the ones you should be emulating.

Source: Fox News


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