Party at Justin Bieber’s House – And More!

Posted by: The Lush Crush on Friday, March 29th, 2013 Category Child Star Cliche Club, Treble with the Law, TV Grab Bag

Here are some images from a wild party that occurred at Justin Bieber’s house. Guess who wasn’t in attendance? The Biebs himself.

Justin Bieber house Party

Since getting her DUI, Amanda Bynes has really been taking to Twitter to express her . . . emotions? Perez Hilton is featuring of Bynes’ latest pics of herself, where she kinda looks like a corpse. What do you think?

Amanda Bynes

Whoah! The always clean-cut Justin Timberlake is wilder than we thought! The Lush Crush likey! The jack-of-all-trades revealed to Myspace that he also had an out-of-body experience at Coachella. I wonder if it was acid or shrooms . . .

Former Celebrity DUI offender Mischa Barton told the Daily Beast that she’s happy she’s no longer in the spotlight. Though she is still acting and has been featured here and there in the tabloids, she attributes her new quiet life to just plain old “growing up”.


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