Phoenix Suns’ PJ Tucker Arrested for “Super Extreme” DUI

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PJ Tucker

Consider this a warning. If you’re a notable person, you can’t keep your DUI a secret for too long. The news of your drunk driving arrest will get out.

This is exactly what is happening to Phoenix Suns player PJ Tucker. Word is getting around that the athlete was arrested for a “super extreme” DUI in Scottsdale, AZ back in May of this year.

On May 10, 2014, Tucker was driving his 2011 Mercedes Benz in an area of Scottsdale known for its nightlife scene. Tucker ran a stop sign at about 12:30 am and then made a wide right turn into Camelback Road, straddling two lanes. Police ended up pulling him over.

According to the arrest report, Tucker had “thick and slurred” speech and his eyes appeared “watery and bloodshot”. The officer could also smell a “powerful” odor of alcohol coming from his person. Tucker admitted to coming from the W Scottsdale Hotel where he had one beer. The officer proceeded to give Tucker a field sobriety test. Tucker stumbled through the test, holding himself up on a construction fence.

Tucker was arrested and taken to the Scottsdale police station. Officers proceeded to take his blood-alcohol content where it measured at .222 percent! Yowza! The legal limit, as you may know, is .08 percent. In the state of Arizona, if your BAC is .20 or above, you are considered extremely drunk and are charged with a super extreme DUI.

If found guilty, Tucker could be a minimum of 45 days in jail. Just last week, Tucker signed a $16.5 million dollar contract with the Suns. The Suns were aware of Tucker’s super extreme DUI charges at the time.

Source: AZ Central


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