Photos of our Faves: Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Teen Mom

Posted by: The Lush Crush on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 Category B-List Bust, Child Star Cliche Club, Liquored Luminaries, Reality Check

Thanks, TMZ, for these goodies!

Here’s a photo of Lindsay Lohan on the set of Anger Management, starring another fave, Charlie Sheen. Looks like she’s getting a sneak peak of what jail is like…

Lindsay Lohan Anger Management


Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, may be a little wilder than we thought…

Farrah Abraham lingerie


Amanda Bynes tweets a weird photo of herself…

Amanda Bynes photo

Am I the only one who thinks that Amanda Bynes knows what she’s doing and she’s just playing a prank on us a la Joaquin Phoenix and I’m Still Here? Is it just me? It is? Okay.

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