Polo Mogul and DUI Offender Wanted to Adopt Girlfriend

Posted by: The Lush Crush on Thursday, March 28th, 2013 Category I Love You. Who Are You?

Johsn Goodman

So, this is some Woody Allen sh*t, if you ask the Lush Crush.

Okay, he may not be a celeb, but he certainly has a celebrity name. Furthermore, if you like polo, he’s a celeb to you. However, the only celeb I equate with polo is Ralph Lauren.

Anyway, South Florida polo mogul, John Goodman, was sent to jail for 18 years for a DUI fatality.

However, recently, Goodman requested to adopt his girlfriend.

Yes, you read correctly:

Adopt his girlfriend.

… as what?! His daughter?! That he sleeps with?!

Is he going to start calling her “Daddy’s Little Girl” during conjugal –

Ew! Gross!

Lush Crush, stop it! You’re sick!

Apparently, this was an attempt for the NOT Mrs. John Goodman to inherit his fortune.

Either way, CREEPY!!!

Am I right?

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