Polo Mogul John Goodman Found Guilty of DUI Manslaughter

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John Goodman, the Florida billionaire who founded the International Polo Club Palm Beach, was found guilty once again for a fatal DUI accident.

After four hours of deliberation on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, jurors from Palm Beach County Court found the 51-year-old Goodman to be guilty of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

Goodman was originally convicted of these charges back in 2012. However, his conviction was overturned due to juror misconduct.

Goodman was arrested in February 2010 for drunk driving after crashing his Bentley into 23-year-old college student Scott Patrick Wilson. The impact caused Wilson’s car to fall into a canal, resulting in Wilson’s death.

Goodman allegedly fled the scene of the crime and didn’t call police until an hour later.

On November 19, Goodman is expected to appear in court to receive his sentence. In accordance with sentencing guidelines, Goodman could be facing up to 16 years in jail.

However, Goodman does plan on appealing.

After his verdict on Tuesday, Goodman’s defense attorney Elizabeth Parker told the media, “We will be appealing this verdict based on the substantial issues that we believe are present in this case.”

In the past, Goodman claimed that his vehicle malfunctioned. He also attested that he wasn’t under the influence. However, the prosecutors stated that Goodman’s blood-alcohol concentration was .177 percent the night he was arrested.

Partially because of the juror misconduct issue, Goodman’s 2012 trial received a lot of media attention. During the process, Goodman attempted to adopt his girlfriend as his daughter so she could inherit his fortune. Goodman’s request to do so was later denied.

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