Quick Shots 2-28-13 – Ashlee Simpson, Kris Jenner and More!

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Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson is rumored to be out of control with her drinking. New baby daddy Perez Hilton is saying that her ex, Pete Wentz and her mother, Tina, are thinking about staging an intervention before things get a little too dangerous. Read more.

The “she might be an alcoholic” rumors aren’t stopping! Kris Jenner is also in the gossip-sphere for going overboard with the wines and the vodkas. Though Perez is hesitant to believe the stories, we all know that Kris was a bit of a partygirl in her heyday. Read more.

Learn more about alcohol abuse.

Harry Potter seemed to work his magic on a lady friend during an Oscar party. Apparently, Daniel Radcliffe brought a friend to an Oscar party where she had a little too much to drink. He was seen helping her back to her room. Read more.

Here are a few photos of James Gandolfini hitting up a pot shop in Venice, CA. Apparently, the Sopranos star was visiting a media marijuana dispensary called the Farmacy, but sources say he didn’t purchase anything. Read more.

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