Quick Shots 2-5-13

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lea Stokes

Former Chairwoman of Chamber of Commerce arrested for DUI. The former chairwoman of the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce and Affiliates, Lea Stokes, was arrested for a DUI in Flagler Beach on Sunday while heading to a Super Bowl party. Stokes blew nearly twice the legal limit and this is her second DUI, which means she may face some enhanced penalties.

College Basketball Player Arrested. Rising star in the Montana college basketball scene (yes, I guess there is a Montana basketball scene) has been arrested for driving under the influence. Kevin Henderson, a sophomore at the University of Montana, was arrested for a DUI on Super Bowl Sunday. He’s underage and pleaded not guilty yesterday in court. Henderson will be suspended for a minimum of one game.

Former party girl tells all. Deemed the “Budweiser Barbie”, Amber Balles shares her story of alcoholism and DUI arrests with Idaho First News. Though not a celeb per se, she does accomplish getting her life together, which we all dearly wish for a one Ms. Lohan (or actually, multiple Ms. Lohans, now that I think about it. . .)


5 Rich Gents Walk into a Bar. . . I suppose Bradley Cooper has found himself a new wolfpack. The Oscar nominee partied with buddies, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler and Mel Gibson at a Miami club this past weekend. Rumor has it that the crew had some fun playing with a water gun on the dance floor.  I wonder what type of alcohol encouraged that behavior. . . For me, it’s usually Mr. Johnny Walker . . .


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