Randy Travis is NOT the King of the Road; Lindsay’s Reaction to NY Times Article

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Randy Travis DWI

Poor Randy Travis may be forced to ride the midnight bus now that he has formally been charged with a Texas DWI. Remember that little August incident where the country crooner was found in his birthday suit completely tanked? He apparently got into a car accident and was arrested for a DWI. This week, he was formally charged after the Grayson County District Attorney got an official report of his blood alcohol content and it was above the legal limit.

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Not sure if any of you remember the United State Football League, but former Jacksonville Bull player, Dann Rockne Lute, was officially charged this week after a deadly December crash he caused do to drinking and driving.

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Demi Lovato Sober Living

So, for us “normals”, sometimes sober living may be a requirement if we’re trying to beat an addiction. After all, not all of us can afford the flowing meadows of the Betty Ford Clinic! However, Demi Lovato proves that even celebrities can be responsible. Sources told TMZ that the starlette is actually residing in a sober home as well, so she can be around a positive environment to keep her from falling back into addiction.

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Lindsay Lohan

So, I’m sure you all learned what the NY Times actually is now that the entire world has read the profile of Lindsay Lohan, “Here is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie”. However, Huffington Post is reporting today that while Lohan states that the majority of the article is pretty accurate, she insists that she did not drive drunk. Good for you, Lindsay! Good for you!

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