Rep for Too Short Responds to Drug Charges

Posted by: The Lush Crush on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 Category Treble with the Law

Too Short Mugshot

Yesterday, I shared the news about rapper Too Short getting busted for a DUI and drug possession. However, today, his representative, David Weintraub, is saying the drugs that police claim Too Short was possessing were not his.

Weintraub states that Too Short was arrested early Wednesday morning after the squad car cuffed other people throughout the night. The back of the squad car was disgusting and littered with drug remnants from other arrestees. Therefore, the drugs in question were not Too Short’s. (Hey, maybe they belonged to Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy!)

There seems to be a lot of questions being asked about Too Short’s arrest, some questions even being asked by Too Short himself! Check out this video of the hip hop artist being unsure of what, exactly, he was arrested for. . .


Too Short — REALLY CONFUSED After DUI Arrest
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