Richard Dreyfuss’ Wife Arrested for a DUI

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Svetlana Dreyfuss

We’re gonna need a bigger drunk tank.

Svetlana Dreyfuss, the wife of Academy Award – winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, was arrested for a DUI on June 2, 2014 in Encinitas, California.

Svetlana was allegedly driving under the influence and crashed her car into a wooden fence. Her car apparently pierced a high-pressure water-line. According to the police report, after the accident, Dreyfuss fled the scene.

Police managed to catch up with Dreyfuss and arrested her for a DUI as well as hit-and-run charges.

The case has made its way to the San Diego County’s DA office. However, Dreyfuss claims that she wasn’t under the influence. She reportedly stated that she only had a glass of wine that night and was able to pass the field sobriety test.

If convicted of a DUI, Dreyfuss could face jail time. However, quite often DUI offenders get placed on probation rather than jail. Dreyfuss may have to pay some very expensive fines and possibly attend DUI school or perform community service.

Richard and Svetlana Dreyfuss were married in 2006 and reside in San Diego County. Svetlana is Dreyfuss’ third wife. He was previously married to writer-producer Jeramie Rain and Janelle Lacey.

Richard Dreyfuss is no stranger to getting a DUI. In 1982, under the influence of cocaine, Dreyfuss accidentally drove his car into a tree. This accident served as a catalyst for Dreyfuss to reevaluate his life and embrace sobriety. Richard Dreyfuss has remained sober and often works to help others dealing with addiction.

Source: NY Daily News


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