Robbie Knievel Busted for DUI

Posted by: The Lush Crush on Thursday, August 8th, 2013 Category Juiced Fruit of One's Loins


Evel Knievel wasn’t the only one living on the edge. His son, Robbie Knievel was busted for a DUI this Tuesday, in a motor home.

Side note: I had no idea real motor homes existed outside of the Barbie motor home I so desperately wanted when I was eight.

Anyway, Robbe Knievel, a dare devil himself, was arrested on Tuesday in South Dakota near the Buffalo Chip campground. Campground security called police after witnesses saw Knievel crash his motor home into two other motor homes and drive off.

Cops later found knievel in a nearby parking lot. He was in the front seat texting and he reeked of alcohol.

Knievel failed the field sobriety test and his BAC measured nearly 3 times the legal limit!

Luckily, Knievel was already been sentenced. He was a 30-day license suspension and needs to pay a $600 fine.

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