Sen. John Horhn Arrested for a DUI

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Uh oh. It looks like someone got think-TANKED last night and it wasn’t Rob Ford. Mississippi State Senator John Horhn was arrested for a DUI in Jackson on Thursday, November 14, 2013.

Horhn was pulled over on Beasley Road right before midnight last night. No exact details about his arrest has been disclosed, but it was confirmed that Horhn was arrested for a DUI. He was released early this morning and is due to appear in court for his arraignment on Monday.

Right before his arrest, Horhn was hosting a forum on how to prevent crime in Jackson.

What was happening at this forum, people? Was there champagne galore? Were people taking shots every time someone mentioned the word “crime”? Seriously, why was Horhn under the influence?

Senator John Horhn is a Jackson Democrat who has been serving in the state Legislature since 1993. He represents District 26 which includes Hinds and Madison counties. So, this may not be a national celebrity DUI, but it certainly is a local celebrity DUI for Mississippians. Horhn serves as chairman for the Senate Economic Development Committee and, believe it or not, he’s actually a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He’s appeared in two movies.

Horhn could face potential jail time for his DUI if he doesn’t hire a good lawyer. He could also pay fines that could run up to $1,000 and he could get his license suspended for 90 days. These consequences are all in addition to the public humiliation and the damage this could do to his career and reputation. However, a lot of people bounce back from a DUI. Let’s hope Horhn can do the same.

Maybe he should avoid forums from now on.

Source: The Clarion Ledger


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