Stripper Carol Doda Arrested for a DUI

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Carol Doda

Gentlemen and ladies, put your hands together because coming up next to the DUI stage is none other than Carol Doda!

Legendary Stripper Carol Doda was busted for a DUI on Saturday night, October 12, 2013 in the Financial District of San Francisco. Apparently, Doda, 76, was driving near a valet stand where an employee had double-parked a vehicle. Doda slammed into the vehicle while driving under the influence.

Police arrived to the scene where Doda admitted to police officers that she had a couple of drinks at the Gino and Carlo Bar in North Beach. Police started to give her a field sobriety test, but ended up stopping because they were afraid Doda was going to fall over.

Fall over? I bet that woman still has excellent balance!

Doda was taken to Mission Station where officers attempted to give her a BAC test. Doda kept saying she didn’t understand what was going on so she refused to take those tests. Because of her refusal, Doda’s driver’s license got automatically suspended.

She was booked for driving under the influence and has yet to make a statement.

Carol Doda is a very famous stripper by being one of the first strippers to dance topless at the Condor Club in San Francisco. She made international news in the 60’s by enhancing her bust from a 24 to a 44. Her bust soon became known as the “Twin 44’s” and “the new Twin Peaks of San Francisco.”

Doda was arrested once before in 1965 during a police raid to stop “bare-bosom” shows. She was declared innocent. Let’s hope she can get a great attorney who can get her the same verdict!

Source: SF Gate

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