Sundy Carter of ‘Basketball Wives: LA’ Arrested for a DUI

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sundy carter

Sundy Carter, one of the stars of the hit VH1 reality show, ‘Basketball Wives: LA’, has been arrested for a DUI. She was arrested on Monday, May 26, 2014. Did she possibly have too much to drink during a Memorial Day celebration?

Unfortunately, that happens to a lot of people around the country. Memorial Day is notorious for DUI arrests.

At around 1 am, police witnessed Carter allegedly swerve over the double yellow line near Kenneth Road and Hillcrest Avenue in Glendale, California (which is right near Los Angeles.)

Police pulled her over and could clearly see that she was under the influence. They could smell alcohol coming from her breath and she was slurring her words.

Police gave Carter a breath test where her blood alcohol concentration registered at .18 percent. That’s over twice the legal limit!

Carter was charged and taken to jail. She’s also being charged with being an unlicensed driver. She has since posted her $10,000 bail and has been released.

Carter joined the cast of “Basketball Wives: LA” in February of 2014. Technically, she’s not an actual basketball wife. She’s the ex-girlfriend of former shooting guard, Larry Hughes.

Since her DUI, Carter has issued an official statement:

“Drinking and driving is an extremely serious offense, and I take full responsibility for my lack of judgement on Monday night. I thank God that I did not harm anyone else or myself and the idea of what could’ve happened was definitely a wake up call for me.”

“Everyday I strive to become a better example for my family, friends and fans, the decision I made is far from one that I’m proud of. I vow to never make this mistake again and I truly apologize to those I have disappointed. I hope my lesson can serve as an example to others that it’s far more important to have a designated driver, being responsible is key – it can become the difference between life and death.”

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