“Survivor” Star Arrested for DUI; Takes Selfie

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Jessica Kiper was a “Survivor” runner-up, but she most recently was arrested for a DUI in New Orleans on Saturday, January 11, 2014. However, Kiper pulled a really weird move and decided to take a selfie while she was in the back of the squad car.

Apparently, Kiper got into an accident when she ran into another car outside of a high school. She was arrested and booked and later released.

However, the next day, she posted said selfie with the caption, “In my 8 hours [in jail] I made my weakest cell mate my bitch.”

It seemed as if she sobered up a bit because her later posts got a little more serious.

She posted, “#survivor was worse. Crossing this off my bucket list. #wakeupcall.”

She later went on to post, “My mugshot is going to be as bad as my yearbook photos.”

Here’s her mugshot. What do you think?


Kiper was featured on season 17 of “Survivor” where she finished in third place. She later appeared on “Celebrity Rehab”.

It’s looking like she may have to return to rehab, don’t you think? Oftentimes, instead of jail time, a DUI offender can opt for rehab and treatment.

The consequences for a DUI in New Orleans can include a license suspension, jail time (as mentioned before), and really expensive fines.

I wonder if Kiper will take a selfie when she appears in court. . .


Source: TMZ

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