Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind Heads to Jail for Third DUI

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Adam Lind

Imagine if you will, you were once on a reality show because you’re a teenage parent.  Suddenly, fame’s spotlight dims and now you’re trying to find some way to stay in the spotlight.

Oh, goodness me! What are your options?

Oh, I know! Get a DUI!

Taking a cue of Miss Farrah Abraham (just kidding Mrs. James Deen), Adam Lind, Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy from Teen Mom 2, is headed to jail for DUI numero tres.

Lind is a soon-to-be father of two. His current girlfriend is pregnant. He will have to spend 180 days in a Minnehaha County jail for his third DUI conviction. His current baby-mama testified in court that Lind is under a lot of pressure with custody payments and the upcoming birth of his second child.

Lind will be on work furlough, which means he’ll be allowed to leave prison during the day to head to work.

All throughout Teen Mom, Chelsea kept hoping for her and Adam to work out, even though he’s so clearly wrong for her.

I swear if I see Chelsea visiting Lind in prison on the upcoming season of Teen Mom, I will lose even more faith in humanity than I did just watching Teen Mom in the first place.

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