Teen Mom Star on DUI: “I Was Sick”

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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham, the star of MTV’s Teen Mom, who was arrested for a DUI last week, is claiming the reason she got a DUI was that she was sick.

Abraham was arrested a week ago for a DUI and reportedly gave cops a very hard time. Apparently, she was screaming and yelling and was biting the breathalyzer tube she had to breathe into.

However, Abraham opened up with In Touch about her arrest and said that she didn’t even feel like going out that night because she was sick.

So that means her DUI doesn’t even count, right?

The reason Abraham begrudgingly went out is that she just wanted to make sure that her older sister, Ashley, (who was all “let’s go out!”), was going to get home safely.

So… what was the reason for Abraham’s intoxication?

Boredom, I guess.

“At  10 p.m., I tried to leave , and at that time, my sister was not ready to leave, so I had been sipping on drinks to pass the time…” states Abraham.

To be fair, that is how I pass the time.

However, a.) I drink to pass the time in the comfort of my own home or b.) I call a frickin’ cab!

Okay, enough of the Lush Crush ranting. Let’s continue on with the story…

When Farrah was eventually stopped by the cops, she was just NOT in the mood, you know what I mean? That is why she was screaming and yelling, like a (drunken) hot mess.

In terms of her inability to give an accurate BAC reading, Abraham was unable do so “due to coughing and shortage of breath.”

Right… because when I’m short of breath, I get real bite-y, too…

However, Abraham finally said something worthy of being reasonable. “I have a lawyer and all will work out with my ticket.”

I’m glad she’s feeling positive, but the truth is I’m gladder the teen mom lawyered up.


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