Tim Deegan Arrested for DUI

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Tim Deegan

The weather forecast in Florida is looking pretty cloudy with a chance of handcuffs and a killer hangover.

Tim Deegan, the meteorologist for the First Coast News in Jacksonville Beach, FL has been arrested for a DUI.

The 54-year old weather reporter was arrested for a DUI by the Jacksonville Beach Police Department on Saturday, November 2, 2013. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or chemical substance, according to the jail log in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office.

Deegan was later released on his own recognizance around 11 am on Sunday morning. (Oooh! Just in time for brunch!)

(By the way, being released on your own recognizance means you were released without having to pay bail because you’re a generally upstanding citizen.)

No information has been released about the specific details of his arrest and First Coast News has yet to make a statement.

Readers of StAugustine.com jumped at the chance to make some weather-related puns. And you know, the Lush Crush just can’t resist a good pun. Here are a two of my faves:

  • “I’ll bet Tim is UNDER THE WEATHER today!”
  • “Partly drunk with a chance of unemployment.”

Here’s a few more to add to the list:

  • A BLIZZARD of expenses will be coming Deegan’s way!
  • Deegan will be seeing a CONFLUENCE of bad publicity.
  • Is that morning dew? Or Deegan’s teardrops over his DUI?

You got any to share?

Source: St. Augustine.com

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