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How was everyone’s boozy weekend? If you’re in La La Land, you probably enjoyed sipping mimosas poolside because the weather was uncommonly nice.

Here are some updates from the world of drunk celebs, or in today’s case, semi-celebs:

Does jail have tea parties?

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William McVay, a Delaware Libertarian candidate for the Kent County seat, has plead guilty to a DUI he received on October 6, 2012. Though McVay is still on probation, he still seems to be active in the Libertarian party as a member of the convention planning committee. Hm… A Libertarian Convention planned by McVay sounds like it would be Off. The. Hook.  Why do I like politics all of a sudden?

A DUI Does Not Mix with the DBU

You know how when US athletes get a DUI, they get a slap on a wrist and have to warm the bench for one game? This is not the case when it comes to the Danish Football Association (DBU). It is no NFL, let me tell you! Apparently, striker Nicklas Bendtner has been suspended from the national team for 6 months due to his DUI. Those Danes do NOT mess around!

Attention all media outlets! Fred Smoot did NOT pee his pants during his DUI arrest. Did you hear that? Fred Smoot did not lose control of his bladder during his DUI arrest!

Smoot DUI

Fred Smoot, formerly of the Redskins, pled guilty to driving under the influence and will have to face a six-month long probation. However, his lawyer was very adamant about making it clear to the press that “Mr. Smoot did not urinate on himself while in the precinct or at any other time during or while he was in custody.” His attorney states that this rumor was one of the arrest report’s “intentionally embarrassing mistruths”.

Oh boy, I wish I could get Smoot’s attorney to clear up some of the mistruths I may have drunkenly texted to peeps over the weekend…

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