Todd Harrell’s DUI Trial Postponed

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3 doors Down Bassist

Court officials in D’Iberville, Mississippi have postponed the DUI trial of musician Todd Harrell.

The bassist for the band, 3 Doors Down, Todd Harrell, is currently facing a DUI conviction in D’Iberville, Mississippi. His trial was supposed to take place today, June 23, 2014. However, per his attorney’s request, Harrell’s trial has been postponed to December 16, 2014.

Officials from D’Iberville Municipal Court gave no reason why Harrell’s trial was needing postponement.

Harrell’s latest arrest occurred on February 18 where he is being charged with driving under the influence of prescription drugs.

However, Harrell’s legal troubles don’t end there. A month ago, Harrell lost an appeal to overturn his August 2013 drug-related DUI conviction. He was initially arrested in July 19, 2012 and his conviction was upheld on January 8.

Furthermore, Harrell was arrested again for driving under the influence of prescription drugs on April 19, 2013. He ended up getting in a crash that took the life of Paul Howard Shoulders, Jr, aged 47. Because of that, Harrell is facing felony charges including vehicular homicide by intoxication. Pending the results of these charges, Harrell is currently serving house arrest in Nashville. There is a status hearing for this case on September 19, 2014.

Things are not looking up for Harrell. Not only does he clearly have a drug problem, he may be facing some serious jail time. Furthermore, he has been indefinitely suspended from the band, 3 Doors Down. (Didn’t know bands can do that, but maybe it’s for the best.) Harrell has been replaced by bassist Justin Biltonen.

Source: Sun Herald


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