UFC Fighter Nick Diaz Arrested for Second DUI

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Nick Diaz

UFC fighter Nick Diaz has been arrested for his second DUI within 10 months. In addition to drinking and driving, Diaz is facing additional charges including obstructing a police officer, destruction of evidence and driving on a suspended license.

At around 2:20 am on September 6, Diaz was stopped at a routine traffic stop in Lodi, California near his hometown of Stockton. The officer suspected Diaz to be under the influence and arrested him.

While at Lodi City Jail, Diaz was asked to provide a blood sample or a breath sample for police to calculate his blood-alcohol concentration. Diaz opted to give a breath sample, but then asked to use the restroom.

While in the restroom, sources from the police station confirm that Diaz attempted to vomit in order to get the alcohol out of his system. The officers repeatedly asked Diaz to stop trying to throw up. As a result, Diaz was charged with destruction of evidence.

After a couple of hours, Diaz was later released. He is due to appear at the San Joaquin County Courthouse in Stockton before the end of September.

The UFC issued the following statement:

“We are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering the facts. We understand that there is a legal process that will now take place and that Nick Diaz will have the opportunity to address the situation in the near future.”

Diaz’s agent Lloyd Pierson told FOX Sports, “Nick and I have discussed the current charges. He is very sorry he has disappointed his fans, friends and family. Nick wants to take the opportunity to thank all his fans who have immediately reached out to him for unconditional support.”

Diaz was previously arrested for a DUI on November 20, 2013.

Source: FOX Sports


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