V. Stiviano’s DUI Past

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In addition to Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling making the headlines all weekend for his racist rants, it turns out his former girlfriend, V. Stiviano, is also becoming a tad notorious in her own right.

If you heard the horrible Sterling recording, the woman Sterling is scolding is model V. Stiviano. Sterling was pissed that Stiviano posted a photo of her posing with Magic Johnson online. He told her not to associate with black people or bring black people to his games, amongst other horrible racist stuff.

However, TMZ has uncovered that in addition to being a model and Sterling’s ex-girlfriend, Stiviano is also a celebrity DUI offender and she had to appear in court today, April 28, 2014.

Stiviano was arrested for drunk driving back in 2012. She was driving a red Ferrari given to her by Sterling in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, Stiviano had a passenger in the car and it was none other than African American actor Brandon Mychal Smith, the star of the Disney TV show “Sonny with a Chance.”

Stiviano ended up pleading no contest to wet reckless, a lesser charge than drunk driving. She was placed on three years of probation. A part of her probation was to perform community service.

Today, Stiviano must appear in court to prove to the judge that she completed community service. Failing to complete community service means that you must endure a longer probation. Let’s hope she passes.

Coincidentally, the car Stiviano was driving at the time of her arrest is the subject of a lawsuit brought on about Shelly Sterling, Donald’s Sterling’s estranged wife. Shelly claims that Stiviano manipulated Donald Sterling into giving her over $2 million in gifts.

Source: TMZ


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