William and Kate Enjoy Some Whiskey

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Prince William and Princess Kate

Well, it looks like l’petit Prince George will not be a big brother anytime soon. Princess Kate recently quelled some pregnancy rumors on Thursday May 29 by having some whiskey during a tour of a distillery.

Ah, me likes her style. Even royals enjoy a good drink every now and then!

Yes, mere mortals Princess Kate and Prince William were in Scotland to visit the area of their namesake – the Earl and Countess of Strathearn.

(And not Strathairn like I originally read. Alas, Prince William and Princess Kate have no relation to what I thought was the best part of ‘Godzilla’.)

William and Kate toured Strathearn Distillery and earlier in the day they enjoyed some whiskey at the Glenturret distillery. Glenturret is known for its Famous Grouse whiskey. In fact, Prince William was asked to taste the 68.9 proof alcohol straight from the still.

“I’ll give anything a go, [but] I will probably regret it later!” William replied.

William took a sip and responded, “That’s pretty busy” and handed the shot over to his wife.

Kate wasn’t interested, replying, “I’ll stick with that girlie one.” In fact, Kate was sipping on two other Glenturret blends, known as The Snow Grouse and The Naked Grouse. Both these blends are 40 proof.

At the other distillery, the royal couple were presented with a personalized bottle of The Famous Strathearn and a squeaky toy grouse for their son.

“Oh my goodness, listen to that. He will just love that,” Kate said.

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